Mofaz to push for better road safety

Transportation minister says decreasing accident deaths is national aim.

mofaz good 224 88  (photo credit: Defense Ministry )
mofaz good 224 88
(photo credit: Defense Ministry )
Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz on Sunday morning called the growing number of road accident deaths "a great tragedy" and declared that reducing accidents was a national aim. In an interview with Israel Radio, Mofaz called on all law-enforcement and education officials to work toward a solution to the problem. An emergency meeting on the issue will be held on Sunday, at which Mofaz is expected to call for an increase in the number of traffic cops stationed on highways, as well as take other steps to raise the level of road safety in the country, Army Radio reported. The steps Mofaz is expected to suggest include launching widespread enforcement campaigns, encouraging programs to improve infrastructure and developing new regulations against drunk drivers. Eight people were killed over the weekend in road accidents throughout the country, and 116 others were injured. On Sunday morning, five people were hurt in a crash in the western Galilee, with one in critical condition. In another weekend accident, one person was critically injured and another six lightly hurt after two cars collided near Pardes Hannah. Since the beginning of the 2006, 426 people have lost their lives in road accidents.