Mother sentenced for honor killings

E. Jerusalem woman given 15 years for holding daughter as brother choked her.

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arab woman 88
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The Jerusalem District Court sentenced a woman to 15 years in prison for her role in the honor killings of her own two daughters, Army Radio reported on Tuesday. The court found the woman assisted in creating the conditions that allowed for the murder of her daughters and that she held the arms of a third daughter as the girl was attacked by her own brother. "The way to bring an end to killing in the name of a family's honor is education and the establishment of a center for battered women," the judges wrote in the sentence. The court did not accept the defense's argument- that honor killings were a traditional part of Arab life - and identified that position as racist towards Arabs. According to court testimonies, in April 2005 one of the daughters who at the time was nine months pregnant ran away from her husband. The husband had suspected her of having an intimate relationship with his uncle, and according to his testimony, there was doubt as to who was the father of the unborn child. He said the alleged affair was considered among the most dishonorable transgressions in traditional Arab culture. When the pregnant woman arrived at her parent's home in east Jerusalem, her father allegedly instructed her brother to kill her for the sake of the honor of the family name. The father allegedly told the son not to harm the woman's two sisters who knew about the affair. Nevertheless, the brother allegedly decided to kill all three women. A few days later, he arrived at their home and offered them cups of acid, which he requested they drink voluntarily so that he would not be implicated in murder. Two of the three women drank the poison but the third refused, so the brother forced her to drink while choking her simultaneously. The mother held her daughter's arms down while she was forced to drink, but the girl survived despite severe injuries.