Navy successfully tests Barak missile

Missile defense system to be installed on IDF ships destroys projectile mimicking enemy weapons.

Navy Saar 4 248.88 (photo credit: IDF- Navy)
Navy Saar 4 248.88
(photo credit: IDF- Navy)
The Navy tested the Barak missile defense system last week and successfully intercepted an incoming "enemy" missile, which Navy sources said mimicked anti-ship missiles that could one day reach Iranian, Syrian and Hizbullah hands. The test took place in the Mediterranean Sea last week. The enemy missile was fired from one ship and was intercepted by a Barak missile launched from another Sa'ar 5-class missile ship. The Barak completely destroyed the incoming missile. The interceptor was an improved version of the Barak missile that will be installed on all Israeli missile ships. During the Second Lebanon War, a Hizbullah-fired C-802 missile struck the INS Hanit, killing four sailors. At the time, due to poor intelligence, the Barak system had been deactivated. Israel Aerospace Industries is currently in the final development stages of the Barak-8 missile, which is scheduled to become operational next year. The new missile will reportedly feature a more advanced seeker and be capable of longer ranges, close to a few dozen km. According to one Navy officer, Israel's enemies are continually trying to acquire advanced weaponry capable of striking Israeli missile ships. Last year, Iran claimed to have tested a surface-to-sea missile with a 350-km. range.