No shift in positions after Neeman-Lador meeting

No shift in positions af

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman and State Attorney Moshe Lador refused to comment on the meeting they held on Tuesday to discuss the rift between them over Neeman's proposal to split the current functions of the attorney-general and of the State Attorney's Office. The Justice Ministry did not issue a statement after the morning meeting in order not to turn the disagreement between the two into a personal quarrel. However, it seems that neither of them changed their minds. In the letter published last week, Lador blasted Neeman's plan, charged that what Neeman had revealed so far was half-baked and accused the justice minister of not discussing it in detail with Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz and himself before making up his mind to advance it. Neeman, for his part, accused Lador of acting improperly by criticizing in public the minister in charge of him. Lador sent his 20-page letter to all the attorneys in the State Attorney's Office at the same time that he sent it to Neeman. Neeman also charged that Mazuz and Lador were allowing themselves to be exploited by politicians for political reasons. Neeman and Lador made no operational decisions during their meeting. There was also no talk of Lador resigning or Neeman firing him. After the meeting, Lador returned to his office and took up his regular duties. Neeman's proposal has to be brought to the cabinet for approval before it can be implemented. It is also possible that parts of the proposal will be legislated. But Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has not yet decided to support Neeman for fear it will threaten his coalition, since Labor opposes the proposal.