Officer ousted for accidental killing

IDF: Weapon which killed soldier belonged to deputy commander, discharged during West Bank riot.

Noam Levi 248.88 (photo credit: IDF)
Noam Levi 248.88
(photo credit: IDF)
OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni decided on Tuesday to remove a deputy company commander from the Duchifat Battalion who accidentally discharged his weapon during an operation in Bir Zeit last week, killing St.-Sgt. Noam Adin Rechter Levy, 20. The investigation, which included a ballistic analysis, showed that Levy was killed by a bullet fired by his deputy company commander. According to the probe, the deputy company commander was engaged in a physical struggle with a Palestinian rioter last Thursday when he accidentally discharged his weapon. Shamni also reprimanded the company commander and barred him from any command position for two years. During a visit to the Levy home in Mitzpe Netofa, in the Galilee, Shamni apologized for their son's tragic death. "Noam's actions in dozens of operations throughout his military service are worthy of praise," Shamni said. "Noam understood the meaning of the operations in which he participated. He was a professional combat soldier and a company medic who was appreciated by his friends and commanders." The probe also found that the commanders failed to act in accordance with operational codes when trying to disperse the Palestinian demonstration. As a result, Shamni instructed all units within the Central Command to study the incident and to implement the conclusions in order to prevent similar accidents in the future. Shamni also praised the Duchifat Battalion for its efforts.