Olmert not quitting, despite TA protest

Insists on need to fix flaws Winograd raised; Peretz still debating resignation.

olmert peretz 88 (photo credit: )
olmert peretz 88
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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has declared that he has no intention of resigning in the wake of the Winograd report, following a massive rally held Thursday night in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, it was reported on Friday. "I respect the citizens who expressed their opinions in a democratic fashion, but the Winograd report orders us to deal with the problems we encountered," Olmert told his aides.
  • 150,000 call on Olmert, Peretz to resign Defense Minister Amir Peretz, meanwhile, said after the rally that he was putting more thought into tendering his own resignation from both the defense post and from the cabinet. Kadima MK Yoel Hasson told Army Radio on Friday that he believed the Tel Aviv rally would not succeed in sending Olmert home as it intended. "I'm sure it moved him, I'm sure it bothered him," he said, but noted that "the people in the square drew conclusions from [the Winograd report], but they blatantly ignore that one of the main points in this report is that the system that's being criticized is the one that needs to fix [the mistakes]." At least 150,000 people participated in the Thursday night protest, where event organizer Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan told the crowd that Olmert and his government were endangering democracy by refusing to step down following the Winograd interim report on the Second Lebanon War. The rally's organizers said they were arranging a series of such events and would not stop until they succeeded in sending the government home.