Oz unit commander resigns amid pay issues

Oz unit commander resign

The head of the Oz unit, charged with apprehending illegal foreign workers, resigned Tuesday amid complaints that the unit's officers were not being paid on time. Oz replaced the immigration police and the unit's activity raised much controversy, especially regarding foreign workers' children. As of today, Oz officers are not working to deport the children of foreign workers, but the scope of the unit's responsibility is still under review. The Interior Ministry, to which Oz is subordinate, issued a statement expressing regret at the request of Tziki Sela, Oz's commander. A replacement for Sela is yet to be found, the ministry said. Officers in the unit began working before signing wage agreements with the ministry and they still haven't been signed, several months into the unit's operations. Sela said he contributed all he could to the unit and was looking for new avenues in the private sector. Interior Minister Eli Yishai said of Sela that "he was one of the most devoted people in public service. Tziki Sela is an emissary of society, always striving to fulfill his goals for the benefit of the people of Israel and the State of Israel. I bid him farewell with regret and hope he will return soon to serving the public."