Palestinian rioters attack police car

Officers rescued by IDF troops after chasing suspected truck thief into W. Bank.

Palestinian rioters 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Palestinian rioters 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Dozens of rioting Palestinians have attacked a police car which was stopped at a dead end after chasing a stolen truck in Samaria.
The police car was severely damaged and police officers fired in the air to keep the rioters at bay before being rescued unharmed by IDF troops.
The incident occurred overnight Tuesday when a police patrol unit from Kfar Saba received a report of a stolen truck from the Sharon region.
The unit managed to track down the truck and began to chase it through Checkpoint 407 and into the West Bank.
The chase continued until a village near Azun, where police managed to catch one of the suspected car thieves. The other suspect fled.
Suddenly the car was surrounded by dozens of villagers who came out oftheir houses and began to hurl rocks at the police officers in the carwhile blocking them in.
After the intervention of the IDFsoldiers, it became clear that the suspected truck thief was none otherthan the brother of a former policeman, who was a friend of theofficers involved in the chase.