Palestinians: 8 wounded in IAF strike

Strike targets Khan Yunis terrorist involved in Tuesday's bomb attack; Kassam lands near Sderot.

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(photo credit: AP)
Palestinian sources say eight people were wounded Thursday in an Israeli air strike on the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis. Among the wounded were several children, the sources said. According to the IDF, the air force targeted 25-year-old Mahmoud Hamdan Samiri, a Khan Yunis resident who belonged to the cell behind Tuesday's roadside bomb attack that killed an IDF tracker and wounded three other soldiers. It was not immediately clear whether Samiri was among the wounded in Thursday's raid, which came hours after a Kassam rocket fell in an open area near the town of Sderot. On Wednesday night, an IAF jet struck a weapons manufacturing facility in the Rafah area in response to a Kassam rocket fired earlier in the evening. It was Israel's first attack on a building inside the Gaza Strip since the end of Operation Cast Lead some two weeks ago. Defense officials said that following the attack that killed the IDF tracker, all of those responsible went underground. In order to flush them out, the IAF bombed the Rafah-area smuggling tunnels and the weapons plant, which gave the impression that Israel had completed its response. As a result, Samiri came out into the open, enabling the IAF to locate him. "The IDF will respond to any terror attacks in accordance with decisions made by the Israeli government," the military said in a statement. "As the sole authority in the Gaza Strip, Hamas bears full responsibility for all terror originating from within its area of control."