Paz-Pines joins protest outside Olmert's residence

Labor MK joined two Tel Aviv residents in camping outside the PM's residence in Jerusalem to protest Olmert's refusal to resign following Winograd Report.

paz-pines 298.88 (photo credit: channel 10)
paz-pines 298.88
(photo credit: channel 10)
Labor MK Ophir Paz-Pines Sunday joined two Tel Aviv residents in camping outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem to protest Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's refusal to resign following the publication of the Winograd Report. "It's important that the protest be incessant, that's why we're out here.We can't let him think that things can back to business as usual," said Paz-Pines, who set up a tent alongside that of Itay Harari and Zichri Weiner, two self-described concerned citizens who left Tel Aviv on foot last Tuesday and marched to the capital in protest of Olmert's refusal to step down. Harari and Weiner said they took action because they felt that Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz had crossed a red line with their lack of accountability in the face of the committee's findings and the public outcry against the two men. "We want people to get out of the living room and onto the streets; we want to mobilize the public to take responsibility for their destiny, to stop being timid, to believe in themselves and their ability to bring about change," said Harari. The pair stressed that they did not belong to a political party or movement, and were protesting as private citizens. Drivers and pedestrians who passed by stopped to express their encouragement. Some signed the petitions set out by the pair and others sat down to talk with the protesters. "People have been very supportive. They come by, give us food, stop to talk and listen and many have told us that they agree with our cause," said Weiner. "I'm hoping that throughout the days ahead more people will come out, more signatures will be collected and more tents will be pitched, and in the end, Prime Minister Olmert will listen to the demands of the people," said Pines.