Peretz caught in middle of Kassam alert

Six rockets hit Sderot, no casualties; Livni tours city with ambassadors.

peretz runs for cover 29 (photo credit: Channel 10)
peretz runs for cover 29
(photo credit: Channel 10)
A Kassam rocket landed near the cemetery in Sderot and another landed in the area surrounding Kibbutz Nir Am, bringing the total of Kassam rockets fired at Israel on Thursday to six. Four Kassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza earlier in the day. Three rockets landed in open fields in the Western Negev, while the fourth landed near the Gaza security fence. There were no casualties or damage to property in any of the attacks.
  • IDF planning large scale Gaza operation
  • How to stop the Kassams The Jerusalem Post that Yaakobov's wife, Purim had a premonition that disaster was about to strike her family only a month before her son's bar-mitzva. A few days before the attack, Purim told friends she had a bad feeling. Immediately upon hearing that a rocket had fallen on Tuesday, she called her husband to check if he was okay. When no one answered, she was so certain that he had been in the attack that she left her work outside of the city and headed home. Yaakobov was the second fatality from Kassam rockets in less than a week. Last Wednesday, a Kassam rocket killed Fatima Slutsker. A total of seven Sderot residents have died in Kassam attacks.