Police Haiti mission marks Rosh Hashana with apples, honey

The Israeli delegation receives warm welcome from all other UN security personnel it encounters, including forces from Italy, Nigeria, and Jordan.

Yasam police Haiti 311 (photo credit: Israel Police)
Yasam police Haiti 311
(photo credit: Israel Police)
The Israel Police delegation to Haiti marked Rosh Hashana early on Sunday, with a modest meal of apple and honey in the earthquake devastated Caribbean country.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said in Jerusalem that the 14 Special Patrol (Yasam) Officers are staying at an Italian base, and are helping the multinational force in the country to protect civilians and maintain public order. “Later, they will help set up and train a new Haitian police force,” Rosenfeld said.
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Ch.-Supt. Ron Krig, a member of the police mission, described the troubling scenes he has encountered in a diary entry that was made public by police on Monday.
“It is difficult to ignore the many ruins, neglect and dirt in the streets, and of course the dozens of refugee camps along the way. The hardest part is seeing the people with a look of desperation, especially the children, who are naked and barefoot,” Krig wrote.
“The sights on the streets are very sad. Everywhere, children ask for sweets and food. When we drink from bottles of water, thirsty children come to us. We can’t refuse their request for water, even though it is a drop in the ocean,” he added.
The Israeli delegation received a warm welcome from all of the other UN security personnel it encountered, including forces from Italy, Nigeria, and Jordan, Krig wrote.
“The Canadian deputy chief [of the UN multinational force] spoke warmly with us and was glad that we were a part his forces,” Krig said.