Poll: Labor crashes to only 6 seats; Likud beats Kadima 33-25

Were elections to take place today, Labor, headed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, would crash to only 6 Knesset seats, according to a poll published Monday. The poll, conducted by 'Panels Ltd.' for Chanel 2 News, said Likud would gain 33 seats as opposed to Kadima's 25. According to the poll, Labor would be replaced as the largest party on the Left by Meretz - who were predicted to receive 7 seats - en route to becoming the third smallest Jewish party in the Knesset. United Torah Judaism and the Green Party were both projected to get 4 seats. The poll gave Shas 12 seats, Israel Beytenu 11, the Arab parties 10 and the new Right-wing party Habayit Hayehudi 7. Such a result would give the bloc made up of Right-wing and religious parties 68 mandates, significantly more than Left-wing parties and their projected 52 mandates.