Rabbis who put din moser on Naveh investigated

Attorney Shai Nitzan of the Special Tasks Division in the State Attorney's Office instructed the police Tuesday night to open a criminal investigation against rabbis who put a din moser on OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh. The din moser came as a reaction to Naveh's restraining order preventing right-wing extremist from certain settlements in the West Bank. A din moser is part of the rabbinical decrees calling for the execution of anyone persecuting Jews or handing over Jewish land, or calling to eliminate a Jew who intends to turn in another Jew to non-Jewish authorities. The halachic judgment was passed two weeks ago by rabbis belonging to a group called The Sanhardrin - A Court for Religious and State Affairs, which passes judgment according to halachic laws, accepted by many right-wing fanatic activists. The rabbinical judgment took the extreme right's struggle against Naveh to another level. In the past, din moser was cited by Yigal Amir as his justification for assassinating Rabin. Rabbis also passed a din moser against former Prime Minster Ariel Sharon during the disengagement process from Gaza.