Rada's parents: Zadorov did not kill our daughter

Urge state prosecutor to pursue other angles since confession doesn't match evidence.

tair rada 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
tair rada 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Shmuel and Ilana Rada, parents of murdered Katzrin teenager Ta'ir Rada, submitted an appeal on Sunday to State Prosecutor Eran Shendar against the state's decision not to pursue other angles in the investigation into their daughter's slaying, saying that primary suspect Roman Zadorov was likely not the murderer. The victim's parents, represented by their lawyers, Moshe and Shira Meroz, insisted that their daughter was murdered in an unusual fashion, and that the signs on her body did not match Zadorov's account of the murder that he had stabbed Rada four times. This being the case, they said, police should look into the possibility that other suspects were involved. "The fact that no objective and credible findings were submitted speaks for itself and should have brought about a retreat from the initial view on the identity of the culprit and the search for other suspects," the letter of appeal read. Rada's parents emphasized that the legal proceedings could take a long time, and that the chances of finding the real perpetrators in the event that Zadorov is acquitted would erode over time. Ilana Rada later told Channel 2 that she would "not be silent until the true killer is caught." Meanwhile, Channel 10 reported that during the polygraph test, Zadarov was asked two questions. Firstly, he was asked: "Did you murder Ta'ir Rada?" followed by: "Were you involved in any way in Ta'ir Rada's death?" Zadarov answered both questions by saying "No." The polygraph results for the response to the first question were inconclusive, while the results for the second response showed Zadarov was lying. 13-year-old Rada was found knifed to death inside her high school's bathroom in December.