Report: 'A' had affair with Katsav driver

Former president's lawyers may use new findings to explain calls to accuser.

aleph good 298.88 (photo credit: Ron Friedman)
aleph good 298.88
(photo credit: Ron Friedman)
Aleph, the plaintiff who accused former president Moshe Katsav of rape, told police investigators that she had an affair with Katsav's personal driver, Army Radio reported on Sunday. "He would go home with me, and we visited my parents…I definitely would say that yes, we went out, we acted like a couple," Aleph was quoted by the report as testifying during the investigation. When asked to expand on how she would describe the relationship, she responded that "it was definitely love," the report stated. Aleph's attorney Kinneret Barashi claimed last week that police counted 689 phone calls to Aleph from Beit Hanassi, as well as from his personal phone, adding that Katsav had harassed Aleph non-stop. "Katsav has given a false version [of his actions] the entire time," Barashi said. "He claims he never called her." Army Radio reported that in light of these new details of Aleph's testimony, Katsav's lawyers may claim that these calls were made by the driver, and not the former president. Barashi denied the alleged affair with the former president's driver. "The phone calls were made from Katsav's home in Kiryat Melachi, and his other personal phones that no one else had access to," she told Army Radio on Sunday. Aleph's attorney added that the only calls from the former president's car were made from the back seat where the Katsav used to sit.