Reservists complain of their conditions

Say equipment damaged, missing; cite lack of orders in some situations.

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Reserve soldiers doing routine security activity on the Egyptian border complained that they lacked water, vehicles, binoculars and night-vision devices, Israel Radio reported on Sunday. Reservists said that following an alert of a potential infiltration of the border, their commander had to drive to the fence in his private vehicle because his military jeep was grounded for treatment. The reservist commander also had to give his binoculars to one of his soldiers because the soldier's were defective. The reservists also cited a lack of clear orders regarding certain situations. They said camel caravans crossing the Egypt-Israel border are frequently used for smuggling. The reservists caught such a camel caravan but were unsure - and received no orders - what to do with the camels. Another recurring situation the soldiers said they had not been instructed on was arrivals of Sudanese refugees at the Israeli border, often with babies. The soldiers said that several days ago, they had to tend to tend to two babies for a whole day for lack of clear procedures what to do with them. Army sources confirmed malfunctions in several vehicles simultaneously in the unit, and said the condition was a one time occurrence and not the norm. They also said the issues of other equipment and water supplies were being addressed. Camel caravans and Sudanese refugees were delicate issues, the sources said, and the army was working on a standard procedure that could be passed down to the reservists serving in the area.