Reservist's mother contacts Hizbullah

Mikki Goldwasser sends a letter pleading for her son and for a sign of life.

miki goldwasser 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 10 [file])
miki goldwasser 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 10 [file])
The mother of captured soldier Ehud Goldwasser, 32, learned Wednesday that a letter she sent to Hizbullah had reached one of its spiritual leaders, Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. Ehud and fellow reservist Eldad Regev, 26, were kidnapped by Hizbullah as they patrolled the northern border on July 12, triggering the Second Lebanon War. Since that day, their families have received no sign they are alive. In March, Ehud's mother, Mikki, handed a letter to Fadlallah to a UN envoy, in which she begged him to send her some assurance of her son's well-being. It was only on Wednesday, when she heard that an article on the letter had been published in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar, that she knew for sure that Fadlallah had received her plea. She said she was grateful Fadlallah had read the letter. "I do hope that now he will show us some pity and will send us a sign of life," Mikki Goldwasser said. In the short note, she told Fadlallah, "I wish there could be peace between us and Lebanon. But I am a mother and I am not a political person. As a mother I would just like to know about my son. I know that he was wounded." She said she hoped they were treating her son and Regev according to the humanitarian dictates of the Koran. "My son got married only a year before [he was kidnapped] and he promised to make me a happy grandmother," Mikki Goldwasser said. She added that she told Fadlallah that as "a father, and maybe even a grandfather, he can understand my wishes."