Romanian MP asked to replace Schalit

Nati Meir claims Fatah MPs offered to let him replace kidnapped soldier.

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Romanian MP Nati Meir claimed on Friday that days after IDF Cpl. Gilad Schalit was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in a cross-border raid near Kerem Shalom, two Palestinian Authority parliament members from Fatah suggested that Meir come to Gaza and take Schalit's place, Army Radio reported. Meir, an Israeli citizen, made contact with the two Fatah members during a conference in Romania in 2005, which was attended by parliament members from all over the world. According to the report, Meir phoned the two when he learned of Schalit's capture and requested their help in freeing him. Meir said he had arrived at the Erez checkpoint for that purpose, but had been barred from entering the Gaza Strip. Meir claimed that his parliamentary standing would have enabled him to be freed within a short time after Schalit's release. The IDF liaison office reported that Meir had not submitted a request to enter Gaza, while the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said that they were unaware of any such proposal.