Safed man stabs 'molester'

A ferocious verbal confrontation followed, which quickly deteriorated into a physical struggle, before the stabbing occurred.

A 29-year-old man stabbed and seriously wounded a man whom he accused of sexually abusing him as a young boy in Safed on Monday morning. The stab victim, 39, was evacuated by paramedics to the city's Ziv Hospital with serious stomach injuries. Police believe the attacker confronted the victim outside of his home as he left for work in the morning hours. The suspect told police he was sexually assaulted by the second man 21 years ago, when he was eight years old, in the bomb shelter of his apartment building. The alleged sexual molester was a soldier at the time. According to the attacker's mother, her son told his family about the incident in 2007. Police investigated his claims, and questioned him using a lie detector machine. The alleged molester refused to take the test, the mother added. Police closed the case without charges. Ch.-Supt. Ran Ophir, commander of the Safed Police, said the suspect was cooperating with his police interrogators.