'Sderot mourning one, Beit Hanun 80'

Left-wing protesters demand negotiations, take over IDF tanks by security fence.

Hundreds of left-wing activists protested at the Erez checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday afternoon in a demonstration organized by Peace Now, calling for negotiations with the Palestinian Authority to stop the violence between the Palestinians and Israel. Journalist Gidon Levi of Ha'aretz said at the demonstration that there could be no comparison between Sderot and Beit Hanun. "Sderot is mourning one death, while in Beit Hanun, they are mourning 80 deaths," he said. During the protest, some 30 activists from the group Anarchists Against the Fence took over two IDF tanks that were standing empty near the security fence. In their words, they did it "to stop the political and war crimes of the IDF." Army forces and police arrived on the scene and shooed the activists away from the tanks.