'Sending IDF to evacuate is irrational'

Sending IDF to evacuate

IDF soldiers should not be sent to serve on the front lines of settlement evacuation missions, Rabbi Eli Sadan, head of the Bnei David Pre-Military Academy in the Samaria settlement Eli, said on Thursday morning. In an interview with Army Radio, Sadan said that sending troops to evacuate Israeli settlements "would be inconsiderate on the army's part and could create a contradiction between [observing] halacha and following a military order." Sadan went on to explain that in terms of Jewish law, "the soldier himself is not prohibited from evacuating [settlements] - because it is the government and not the soldier who is carrying out the evacuation." But the rabbi stressed that despite the fact that halacha does not prohibit the soldiers themselves from following evacuation orders, it was irrational to give such tasks to the army. "In the same way that no one would consider sending the Beduin trackers to demolish illegal houses in Beduin towns in the Negev - I don't think such a thing should be done here," he said. "When you take a man who is devoted to settling the Land of Israel and opposite him is sitting his best friend who lives in Gush Katif - that is irrational."