Senior Tanzim operative killed in Nablus

IDF: Ibrahim Sanakra planned and executed attacks against Israelis; four arrested in W. Bank operation.

nablus 224.88 (photo credit: AP [file])
nablus 224.88
(photo credit: AP [file])
Troops killed a senior Tanzim operative in Nablus during a joint military and Shin Bet (Israel Security Services) operation on Saturday morning, the IDF Spokesperson announced. Four other wanted Tanzim terrorists were arrested. All four were involved in an attempted terror attack several days ago, said the IDF. Ahmed Muhamad Ibrahim Sanakra, a 21 year-old resident of the Balata refugee camp, was wanted by Israel for his involvement in the terror organization. Sanakra, who was armed with an AK47 assault rifle, was shot by troops after they entered the house in which he and the other four suspects were hiding. The terrorist was known for his bomb making abilities and plans to carry out attacks against Israeli targets. He had "extensive knowledge in the making of explosives, explosive belts and ammunitions. [He was] involved in planning and executing suicide bombings in the Israeli home front as well as recruiting suicide bombers," read a statement released by the IDF early Saturday evening. Sanakra "executed dozens of shooting attacks against IDF forces in Nablus. In November 2005 he was responsible for wounding an IDF officer when he planted an explosive device in the Balata refugee camp. In addition, in November 2006, Sanakra was wounded when he attempted to activate an explosive vehicle against IDF [troops]," it said. Among those arrested during the operation were Yossef Atiya Namer Hanun, a senior assistant of Ahmad Sanakra, Mahmud Hamdan A-Hadi Shtiwi, an operative in the Balata refugee camp and Mahmud Gamil Mahmad Huiti.