Seven Lebanese killed by IDF missile

At least three members of Ghandour family killed; wife buried under rubble.

IDF missiles that struck a house in south Lebanon early Tuesday killed seven people and wounded at least one other, hospital and security officials said. IAF jets fired a missile at the house in the market town of Nabatiyeh, destroying it and killing its owner, a man named Mohammed Ghandour, along with six other people including his son Hassan. Security officials said Ghandour's wife was still buried under the rubble. A man named Saad Hamza, his wife, an unidentified man and two children were also killed, according to the officials. At least one woman was also wounded, according to the officials. It was not immediately clear why IAF planes had targeted the Ghandour house. The attack came a day after Israeli troops battled their way to a key Hizbullah stronghold in south Lebanon, seizing a hilltop in heavy fighting and capturing two guerrillas, according to the IDF.