Sheetrit: Lieberman didn't surprise us, joining forces with him was wrong

Incumbent Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit of Kadima said late Thursday morning that Israel Beiteinu chair Avigdor Lieberman's recommendation of Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu to President Shimon Peres as the most appropriate person to form the new government came as no surprise to him and his party. Attempting to join forces with Israel Beiteinu was admittedly a mistake, added Sheetrit in an interview with Army Radio. "Those who approached [Lieberman] on behalf of Kadima made a severe political blunder, since responding to him caused Labor and Meretz to boycott us, and ruled out any alternative for us," he said. Joining a coalition will bring upon the demise of Kadima, Sheetrit continued. "We cannot be the rubber-stamp for a right-wing regime, we cannot be a fig-leaf. We must go to the opposition, since joining a Likud government will obliterate Kadima."