Shfaram marks 2 years since attack

Arab leader calls to acquit participants in lynch of AWOL soldier, Natan Zada.

zada suspect 298 (photo credit: Gai Nitzani, Israel Police)
zada suspect 298
(photo credit: Gai Nitzani, Israel Police)
Some 1,000 residents of the northern Israeli-Arab town of Shfaram took part in a rally Saturday afternoon to commemorate the attack carried out by Jewish terrorist Eden Natan Zada, who two years ago today killed four Israeli-Arabs and was subsequently lynched by an angry mob. Zada, a soldier away from military duties without permission, shot his victims while riding on an Egged bus. Twelve people were also wounded in the attack. The event began with a procession from Shfaram's municipality to the scene of the attack in the Druse section of the town, and finally ended at a monument erected for the victims. Knesset members, municipality leaders and heads of Arab parties participated in the event. Several Shfaram residents were arrested during the rally for burning Israeli flags. Other participants waved Palestinian flags in the air. Chairman of the Committee for Supreme Supervision over Israeli-Arabs, Shuaki Hatib, spoke out against taking legal action against those residents who participated in the lynch against Zada, Army Radio reported. "These are the same people that put an end to the massacre and therefore they should not be tried," Hatib said during the event. The committee would act to ensure that the people involved would "receive full acquittal," promised Hatib. Zada, however, had been handcuffed by police immediately after the shooting before he was killed by the angry mob. Meanwhile, Galilee District Police rejected a request made by right-wing activists to hold their own rally to protest against the police and State Attorney's Office's failure to take legal action against participants in Zada's lynching. District officials said that the activists could not hold a rally inside Shfaram, but said that it would consider allowing them to protest outside the town's limits.