State compensates shot Bil'in protester

Limor Goldstein, shot in the brain in 2006 and denied immediate medical aid, receives NIS 3.25m.

Limor Goldstein, a Tel Aviv lawyer who was shot in the head by a Border Policeman during a 2006 protest against the Bil'in security barrier, received a NIS 3,250,000 restitution from the Defense Ministry and police earlier this week. According to Goldstein's legal suit, one of three rubber-coated lead bullets fired at Goldstein hit him in the head and lodged in his brain, causing severe damage. Security forces on the scene initially kept a military medic from administering first-aid to Goldstein, and refused to summon an ambulance. Goldstein was evacuated to the Tel Hashomer Medical Center some two hours after being shot. Following the incident, Goldstein suffers brain damage and severe disabilities. Goldstein sued the state, the shooter and the commander of the forces on the scene, and the sides reached a compromise approved by the Tel Aviv District Court. The policeman who shot Goldstein was charged with causing severe damage, and no criminal investigation was launched against the commanding officer, bringing Goldstein to appeal to the High Court in a request to harshen the shooter's indictment, and launch a criminal investigation against the commander.