Steinitz: Courts must rule more fiscally

Steinitz slams Supreme C

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz rebuked the Supreme Court on Monday for, in his words, "not taking budgetary factors into consideration in its rulings." At a speech given at an Israel business conference, Steinitz cited several Supreme Court rulings that he said had caused the state to suffer major economic losses, such as forcing the state to reinforce buildings in Sderot and the recent landmark decision overturning a law providing for the establishment of a privately-owned and run prison, on the grounds that it was unconstitutional. The finance minister went on to blame the courts of not "exercising the needed financial and national responsibility." "While we, at the treasury, scrutinize fiscal expenditure of even a few million shekels - the courts regularly pass rulings that cost dozens and hundreds of millions of shekels, and even billions," he said. Steinitz added that he and the finance minister were examining "ways to legislatively force Supreme Court justices to take macroeconomic factors into consideration, in order to prevent rulings that will serve to undermine a whole array of priorities in Israeli society."