Supreme Court postpones Omri Sharon's sentence

Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran on Sunday granted Omri Sharon's request to postpone the beginning of his jail sentence for two months, until September 22, to give the Supreme Court time to consider his request to grant him an appeal against his 7-month jail sentence. Tel Aviv District Court has already reduced the sentence from nine to seven months. Nevertheless, Sharon wants to ask the Supreme Court for a lighter sentence. Should the court grant Sharon a hearing, something it is not obliged to do, and reduce his sentence by even one month, he will be eligible to carry it out in public service rather than go to jail. However, Sharon will first have to convince the court that there are unique circumstances in the case which justify granting him a second appeal. Sharon was convicted on charges of exceeding the legal limit on campaign contributions during his father, Ariel Sharon's, race for chairman of the Likud and for prime minister a year later, and for keeping separate sets of budget books to fool the state comptroller.