Survey shows most Israelis are happy

7,300 adults over age 20 questioned on business, finance, and health.

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Eighty three percent of Jewish Israelis are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their lives, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics annual Social Survey 2006 released Tuesday. Assessing such daily concerns as business, finance and health, the survey questioned 7,300 people aged 20 and up over the course of the last six months. Eighty four percent of the Jewish population reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their work situation, while 71% of the Arab community said they felt the same way. Among the haredi population, 97% said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their lives; among the modern Orthodox community 86% reported being happy with life, with the traditional and secular segments of the population being 82% and 85%, happy respectively. Furthermore, more than half the population told researchers that they believed within the next few years, life in Israel would greatly improve for them.