Tanzim plotter arrested in Nablus

Special forces arrest Tanzim operative who manufactured explosive belts.

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An elite police force on Thursday apprehended Omar Damra, 26, a Tanzim terror operative suspected of manufacturing explosives belts and planning suicide attacks inside Israeli cities and against military positions in the West Bank. Damra, who officials said was working under the direction of Hizbullah, was transferred to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for interrogation after being arrested in Nablus. Damra was a partner of Mahmad Ramaha, a Tanzim operative who was also working for the Hizbullah and was killed by the IDF a month ago in Nablus. Officials said that recently apprehended Palestinian security detainees led the Shin Bet to Damra, who they revealed was directly involved in trying to smuggle suicide belts into Israel and in planting explosives devices along West Bank roads patrolled by the IDF. Officials said that the Tanzim terror infrastructure in Nablus was directed by Hizbullah and was one of the "most dangerous" in the West Bank today.