Teens find secret IDF material in TA

Photos, sketches, maps, details of border changes discovered in disused base.

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A group of teenage hikers found top secret IDF material in an abandoned warehouse south of the IDF central headquarters in Tel Aviv, Channel 10 reported on Thursday night. The material included photos of secret facilities, film reel, maps of IDF bases - including Tzrifin and Julis - and detailed sketches of the central headquarters. Also found were maps of West Bank neighborhoods and maps containing changes to the border with Jordan, which were made following the Israel-Jordan peace deal. The warehouse was abandoned for the last four months before being discovered by the group of teens. It lay among several other abandoned buildings which were part of a disused IDF logistics unit base. After the discovery, the IDF sealed off the area and took the secret material. The army said it viewed the discovery with the "utmost severity" and an assistant general was appointed to look into the incident.