IDF investigates soldier's beating The Military Police are investigating allegations that a soldier was beaten up by another soldier in full view of an officer who did nothing to stop it. According to the complaint, the officer and another soldier who serves in the Golani Brigade accused him of stealing a camera and lured him into an alley, where the soldier began to beat him. The victim, a Hammer Jeep driver posted at Metulla, was treated at the Sieff Hospital in Safed. A statement released by the IDF Spokesman said investigators plan to questions all those involved and will hand over findings to the military prosecutor for review. • Margot Dudkevitch Yehimovic reaches out to haredim Media celebrity turned politician Shelly Yehimovic said Wednesday she would like to work together with haredim to fight pornography and the extreme consumerism that causes Shabbat desecration. "I am totally disgusted by secular Israelis' anti-Semitism towards haredim," Yehimovic said in an interview on the haredi Radio Kol Chai. Yehimovic went on to say she had "a lot in common with haredim" such as "the social ramifications of Shabbat desecration, my opposition to pornography and to consumer culture that caters to malls open on Shabbat." Yehimovic also said she did not oppose exempting women from IDF service. • Matthew Wagner Mazuz warns of 'unworthy' choices Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz on Wednesday ordered the Government Companies Authority to suspend the planned appointment of Gabi Yifrach as chairman of the board of the East Jerusalem Development Company. Mazuz said that his office was urging the government to take special care regarding appointments to public companies during the election period. According to Mazuz, there was a heightened possibility during this period of making unworthy appointments for political reasons. Yifrach was chosen by Tourism Minister Avraham Herschson. • Dan Izenberg Feiglin touts 'Jewish' credentials Calling himself a "Jewish leader" for the Likud, Moshe Feiglin spoke to reporters in Tel Aviv Wednesday of his upcoming campaign for party leadership against five Likud other candidates. Explaining that he is the only candidate that can save the party, he plans to focus on issues of education, welfare, security and judicial reform. • Tovah Lazaroff Pope deplores concentration camps VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday that the Nazi concentration camps remained "an indelible shame in the history of humanity." During the sermon of his weekly public audience, the German-born pope linked the laments of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people as expressed in Psalm 136 to the deportation of Jews to the death camps during World War II. "It is almost an anticipation of the extermination camps to which the Jewish people, in the century which we have just left behind us, were sent in an infamous operation of death, which has remained an indelible shame in the history of humanity," the pope said in Italian a crowd of several thousand in St. Peter's Square.