Top cop’s guard nabbed for possessing hashish

Police bust security guard stationed outside of Insp.-Gen. David Cohen's Givatayim residence with small amount of drug.

Maijuana 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Maijuana 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Police on Saturday night busted a security guard posted outside of Israel Police Insp.- Gen. David Cohen’s house in Givatayim for possession of hashish.
During a routine patrol of the area, officers stopped at the booth where the private security guard was stationed. Police said that the man was not smoking hash at the time of the incident, but that something about his behavior seemed suspicious. Detectives searched him and uncovered a small amount of hashish.
The man was taken to the local police station for questioning and released shortly thereafter, after police determined that the drug was for personal use only. Police later searched at the man’s apartment, where they reportedly also found a small amount of hashish.
In April, thieves broke into Cohen’s car, which was parked near his home and made off with his cellphone.