Uprooting Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad gunmen 298 (photo credit: )
Islamic Jihad gunmen 298
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Twenty-two of the 29 commendations for bravery to be awarded on Independence Day to members of the Israel Police were earned by members of the Border Police, mostly by members of the Yamam and Yamas elite teams. One of those was Supt. M.S., an officer in the Yamas undercover unit that operates in Judea and Samaria. On February 21, 2007, M.S. - a 33-year-old father of two - was in command of a unit pursuing a terrorist known as Abu Jahin. Abu Jahin, a top Islamic Jihad operative, was responsible for deploying a suicide bomber nabbed in Bat Yam one day earlier. The force under M.S.'s command identified Abu Jahin, who then fired two warning shots into the air. M.S.'s troops raised their hands in the air and looked surprised in the direction of the terrorist, which convinced Abu Jahin that they were not soldiers, but simply local residents. Off-guard, Abu Jahin returned to his vehicle. Grabbing the opportunity, the police unit shot and killed the terrorist. Exactly one week later, a force under the command of the same officer was once again operating in Jenin when they identified a vehicle containing three senior Islamic Jihad terrorists. M.S. identified the terrorists and exited his vehicle in their direction. The terrorists' car came to a stop after crashing into a wall. The most senior of the terrorists began firing at M.S., who was wounded lightly in his shoulder. Despite his wound, the commander shot and killed the terrorists. The rest of the troops shot at the vehicle carrying the other two, killing them as well. Border Police officers said that M.S.'s actions seriously damaged the operational readiness of Islamic Jihad in its Jenin power base.