Vicki Knafo won't run for the Knesset

Vicki Knafo, leader of the single-mothers' movement, will not run for the Knesset. Her colleague, Israel Tuito, registered on Sunday his new party - Lehem (also an acronym in Hebrew for the words "United Social Warriors") at the party registrar's office in Jerusalem. "Vicki got cold feet and I'm disappointed in her," Tuito said. Tuito, who gained renown as the founder of "Bread Square" in Tel Aviv's wealthy Kikar Hamedina neighborhood, said that he didn't have high hopes for Labor chair Amir Peretz, Army Radio reported. "I don't believe that everyone has become socially conscious all of a sudden," Tuito declared Sunday. "I felt that there was no party I could support, so I decided to found a real social party."