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Shortlist: Price-tag, Gilad Schalit's release, nationwide protests, terror on border, Israeli Nobel Prize winner.

The series of price-tag attacks
Gilad Schalit returns home from captivity
Protests and strikes revereberate
8 Israelis are killed in a cross-border terror att
Prof. Dan Shechtman receives the Nobel Prize
Which story made the biggest impact on you?
Every year in Israel is sure to bring unforeseen surprises and difficult challenges. The year 2011 was no different. The people of Israel experienced events that brought honor and joy and others that stood in stark contrast as a reminder of the challenges of the region.
From the series of price-tag attacks by right-wingactivists, the historic release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit, the people of Israel speak out, a multi-stage terror attack onIsrael's border with Sinai to Israel's 10th Nobel laureate, Prof. DanShechtman. This was quite a year. Which stories had the biggest impact on youin 2011?
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