Winograd may send warning to PM

Netanyahu and adviser to Sharon testify before panel probing Lebanon war.

netanyahu good pic 298.8 (photo credit: AP [file])
netanyahu good pic 298.8
(photo credit: AP [file])
The Winograd Committee investigating the conduct of the war against Hizbullah last summer may send warning letters to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz and former OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. (res.) Udi Adam, Channel 2 News reported on Thursday night. This would mean the panel was considering making potentially damaging personal recommendations regarding the men. The panel heard testimony on Thursday from opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu and Dov Weisglass, former adviser to premier Ariel Sharon. Netanyahu was asked about the strategic doctrine that governed Israeli policy in the North when he was prime minister, from 1996 to 1999, and for his assessment of the policy of restraint during Sharon's premiership, when he served first as foreign and then as finance minister. Weisglass, who often traveled to foreign capitals as Sharon's emissary, was asked about the decision-making process in Sharon's government.