Winter storms drench country [p. 4]

Forecasters predicted that showers would weaken over Sunday and winds would also die down.

hermon snow 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 1)
hermon snow 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 1)
Cold, wet, and gusty weather swept across Israel over the weekend, with strong showers and floods, thunderstorms and blustery winds. Snow piled up on Mount Hermon, and if the snowfall continues on Sunday as forecasted, the site is expected to open for skiers as early as Monday, as only a little more snow is required, according to the site's managers. But while snowfall brings with it the promise of pleasure, the torrential rains that poured down throughout the country caused some disturbances: Roads in central Israel and across the North were flooded and closed to traffic, annoying people and drivers in the affected areas. In Netanya, several streets overflowed with water, leaving cars and pedestrians stranded. Roads were clogged in and around Haifa, and firefighters were scrambled to help drain a flooded bridge. On Sunday, continued downpours are expected from North to South, accompanied by forceful winds, which will make the Mediterranean quite wild. Snowstorms were predicted to rage on the Hermon, while flood warnings were in place for the Judean Desert and the area around the Dead Sea. Forecasters predicted that the showers would gradually weaken over Sunday and the winds would also die down. Scattered rain might still fall on Monday, mainly in Israel's southern and central regions. A slight increase in temperature is expected by Tuesday, with temperatures due to rise further on Wednesday.