Yisrael Katsav: We wanted our quiet

President's son says Katsavs accepted the plea bargain to end their suffering.

aleph good 298.88 (photo credit: Ron Friedman)
aleph good 298.88
(photo credit: Ron Friedman)
President Moshe Katsav and his family were initially opposed to the plea bargain proposed to them by the prosecution, but ultimately accepted it so as to avert the agony of remaining in the public eye until an acquittal was reached, the president's son, Yisrael Katsav, told Channel 2 Thursday. "We wanted our quiet, and that was the deciding factor in accepting the deal," Katsav said. "They sent us the plea bargain…and then we convened here (in the president's home in Kiryat-Malachi)… there were severe arguments." A's press conference was a pathetic attempt to convict the President Moshe Katsav by using gutter language, Katsav's attorney Zion Amir said Thursday. After Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz's decision to offer Katsav a plea bargain, A' spoke to reporters and gave a detailed and disturbing account of Katsav's actions. "It would be better if A', rather than hiding behind anonymity, would respect the decision made by Israel's legal leadership," Amir said.
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  • Gov't watchdog urges Mazuz to quit "Up until now, [she] slandered the president of Israel and today, she has a different goal - slandering the attorney-general," Amir said. "We will have to counteract this embarrassing horror show with police evidence," he added. Katsav's office, meanwhile, responded to A's statements at the press conference with the following statement: "Those who made up this blood libel won't accept that the truth has come out. The campaign of slander and hate continues." "We proved that A' lied in her testimony and made up stories. Soon, the proof will be presented to the public."