Get Creative in the Cold

Learn how to knit!

Knitting (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Winter is here, and the days are getting shorter. It is cold outside, and we stay at home more. Don't be sad, here is a nice idea for this season: Knitting! Go for it, and make your own scarf, hat or warm pullover by yourself! The following links show how you can knit your own winter collection:
All you need is knitting needles, yarn and scissors.

Now that you know the first step of knitting, move on and learn how to do the knit stitch with needles.
You think you have practiced enough and you are ready for the next step – watch out!

Whatever it is you want to knit, there are a lot of different techniques to knit stitches. The culture of knitting is well-known all over the world. You can see different styles from Japan, Peru and Europe. One of the earliest examples of knitting was cotton socks found in Egypt. They were from the end of the first millennium.
In 1527, the first trade guild of knitting was created in Paris. It was mostly a male job then, because women were not allowed to work – so knitting wasn't always connected to women. With the invention of the knitting machine, knitting by hand became an activity for country people and housewives.
In our days, knitting is a growing trend, and stands for anti-consumerism and independence, because you do it by yourself. There are a few materials that are used for knitting. The most famous of them is yarn. Yarn can be made of synthetic fibers, wool, cotton, fur or a mix of them. You can even knit with hair!
There are also many kinds of knitting needles. Most are made of metals, wood and plastic. They come in many different sizes and forms. For beginners, the best way is to start with long needles and thick yarn.
Another nice method is spool knitting, also known as French knitting. In this method, you use a little spool that looks like a doll. With the spool, you can knit a tube. This is used as a way to teach little children to knit using only their hands!
The Guinness World Record for knitting with the largest knitting needles was made by Julia Hopson from England. She knitted with knitting needles that were 3.5 meters long.
Scientists found out that knitting is good for your health. While knitting, the regular action of your hand can lower blood pressure and help the body relax.
Another good thing about knitting is that it brings people together. You can knit with your family and friends, and create something beautiful. Isn't that nice? So get creative and start knitting!