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NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL head Meir Ben-Shabbat attends a state audit committee meeting at the Kness

National Security Council convenes committee for gender mainstreaming

The committee includes Arab and ultra-Orthodox representatives, as well as the head of Forum Dvorah that works to increase female representation in national security and foreign policy.


Women of the Palmah: Hear their stories

The Palmah was the elite fighting unit of the Hagana, the underground army of the Jewish community in Israel during pre-state times.


This woman empowers Anglo women by sharing their stories

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” - Muriel Rukeyser (20th c. Jewish American poet and political activist)

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Woman murdered in Eilat had complained of family violence, pressure

"Women's lives are not taken seriously in the State of Israel. We are used to hearing about women who complained to the police and... were abandoned to die."


IDF tells pre-draft man he cannot fill education role because of his sex

IDF service is a formative experience for many young Israelis and so IDF positions that align with gender norms harm both men and women, said The Israel Women's Network.

Michal Krimolovsky, director of Woman2Woman, and Karen Hershkovtich, one of the founders

IDF intelligence unit alumni work to bring women back to hi-tech

"When it comes to the field of R&D, which is the spearhead of Israeli hi-tech, female representation is still low."

Short on representation, political parties rush to celebrate Women’s Day

Two weeks ahead of elections, candidates pledge change while Labor leader Merav Michaeli remains the only woman chairing a political party.


The Arab Israeli woman breaking the glass ceiling of sports management

When asked what her most important message is for boys and girls today, Bader emphasized that women do not need to sacrifice their religious beliefs or traditions in order to follow their dreams.

Kfar Yona man indicted for assaulting, threatening to kill girlfriend

Security footage from the incident shows the suspect raging at the scene, throwing products around the store wildly as his spouse tries to hide in the corner behind a coworker.

The IUB Ballerine is currently assembled manually, with technicians adding one copper ball at a time

Israeli femtech start-up introduces next generation of birth control

OCON Healthcare’s revolutionary ball platform can also deliver medical treatment

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