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High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the
Women are allowed to receive rabbinic accreditation, High Court rules

Mainstream Orthodox Judaism does not yet recognize women as rabbis, there is no reason that women cannot take the tests that are otherwise given to men studying to become rabbis.

The poor man’s Passover prayer
Global initiative launches prayer campaign for health care workers

The campaign is called "Care with a Prayer" and run via an online platform. People can submit names of healthcare workers that they want prayed for on Momentum's website.

International Women's Day: Climbing Israel's hi-tech ladder

While efforts to increase Arab and ultra-Orthodox participation in hi-tech have gained momentum in recent years, the share of women in hi-tech has remained static at approximately one-third.

High school students spend time together after class.
International Women's Day: Israeli students become "Ambassadors for a Day"

14 foreign embassies in Israel, headed by female Ambassadors, hosted students from Naamat-Lod high-school for the "Ambassador for a Day" initiative.

NO LONGER is Gemara study just for men: A sea of women celebrate the Siyum Hashas at the Jerusalem I
Daf Yomi: a completion of seven-and-a-half years of daily Talmud study

Religious and secular women, from a wide range of ages, gathered together in Jerusalem to celebrate this triumph.

Female Jewish filmmaker gives voice to oppressed women

Kweskin tackles hard-hitting subjects in her films like female genital mutilation, honor violence, forced marriage and systemic exclusion of women from education.

There are fewer Israeli women in politics than it may seem

"If the polls are correct, she said, the number of females elected next week will be 28 or 29. But numbers don't reveal the whole picture."

Israel's new high-speed rail line travels on its tracks near Jerusalem September 25, 2018
Israel Railways sued after woman asked to change carriage for men prayers

According to the suit, "it was disruptive that she was present...during prayer." The company, however, claims that it was the woman who complained about the prayer, and was offered, not told to move.

Jerusalem pop-up events celebrate female entrepreneurship

Each woman-run business is taylored to a different audience and each produces a different product, most of which are directed towards women.

ANAT MELAMED is one of the artists performing next week.
Power to the music-loving people

Pritzat Disc is a unique fan-funded creative endeavor shedding light on new artists.

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