WATCH: Israel at 70 - Israel's solutions to the water crisis

Can Israel solve the world's water shortage problems?

Israel and the future of water technology (White Animation)
Our blue planet is overloaded and there’s a lack of water all over the world. Israel stands at the forefront of technology and offers and presents solutions that could solve its own, and the world's, water problems.
In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence,  Prof. Benny Chefetz talks about the future of water technology and how these solutions might even have the potential to bring peace to the region.
Professor Benny Chefetz is the Dean of The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment. His research aims at understanding interactions and processes of organic pollutants occurring in water, soils and sediments. His goal is to understand how physical, chemical, and biological processes affect the fate and behavior of organic contaminants in the agricultural environments.
The Israel 70+ project is comprised of 12 short animations, each shining a light on the future of a major field of life - medicine, autonomous transportation, the job market, food, family, child welfare, Jews in the Diaspora, big data and more, and these videos will air exclusively right here on!