'Democracy Is Not Working'

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Since 1990, a wave has swept the world: free-market capitalism. It has proved anti-democratic, especially in Israel. Some repairs are urgently needed. U.S. President Bush has made spreading democracy his credo and sent soldiers to die for it. Yet democracy is stumbling badly in many of the countries considered exemplary, including America and Israel, not to mention Iraq, Russia and other places where it is less established or being tried out for the first time. I believe that democracy is failing the people of Israel. Only 2 percent of the Israeli public has "full confidence" in the members of the Knesset, according to recent polls published in the Israeli press. Why, then, would anyone with integrity or other options choose to run for Knesset? The writer is academic director, TIM-Technion Institute of Management, Tel Aviv. For full story please subscribe to The Jerusalem Report click here to subscribe.