Same Again? Not Quite

water lillies 298.88 (photo credit: Microsoft)
water lillies 298.88
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Describing the awful consequences of Israel's betrayal of its covenant with God, Moses says: "The skies above your head will be bronze and the land below you will be iron" (28:23). This curse seems like a repetition of God's curse in Leviticus: "And I will shatter the glory of your might and make your skies like iron and your land as bronze" (26:19). Deuteronomy ("second saying" in Greek) is in fact a restatement of the Torah produced by Moses' final words. While there is some legal material never before enunciated in the Torah, much of the content here is a recapitulation of texts found in the earlier books of the Bible. Indeed, even as the complex of concerns that animates this final book of the Torah reaches a resounding crescendo with the Tokhahah - the admonitory curses found in chapter 28 - we recall that this section is a repeat of such an admonition found in Leviticus 26. For full story please click here to subscribe.