Limmud strong on identity, weak on romance

Participants of Limmud conferences deepen understanding of Judaism but unlikely to meet significant other at the gatherings.

girl leaning on guy (photo credit: Leonid Fridman)
girl leaning on guy
(photo credit: Leonid Fridman)
Participants at Limmud conferences deepen their understanding of Jewish thought and strengthen their identities but are unlikely to meet a significant other at the gatherings, according to a recent study.
The data, collected by Prof. Steven Cohen and Dr. Ezra Kopelowtitz from past participants in the Jewish educational confabs held around the world, revealed the most compelling reasons to attend Limmud were the pursuit of “Jewish knowledge” and “Jewish identity.”
Respondents also said “meeting Jews from different backgrounds” and “involvement” were significant in their decision to participate.
But while Limmud goers said the educational conferences were intellectually stimulating few said they were stimulating in another respect. Just 8 percent of respondents who attended Limmud UK said it had an impact on their meeting a spouse or partner. Numbers were lower still for Limmud Australia where just 2% said it had “some” impact. Limmud- goers were much more likely, however, to make friends. About half of the respondents said they kept in touch with people they met at the get-togethers.