Lawyer's fee angers Holocaust survivors

Attorney got his clients a settlement of $1.25 billion, charged $4.1m.

auschwitz 298.88 (photo credit: )
auschwitz 298.88
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Eighteen American Holocaust survivors are unhappy with their attorney, Burt Neuborne, for charging them for his work on their case, The New York Times reported on Saturday. Neuborne, who estimates that he put in some 8000 hours of work on his clients' reparation suit between 1996 and 1998, helped win them a settlement of $1.25 billion. He charged $4.1 million. While his clients reportedly said this week in a number of interviews to various media outlets that they believed that Neuborne had taken on their case pro bono, Neuborne insisted that he never promised to accept the case for free. The <> reported that Neuborne's clients have filed a formal objection against his fee. Neuborne has asked Judge Edward R. Korman to grant him a hearing.