The Admor Rabbi Pinto on a Special Visit to the French Parliament

  (photo credit: DAVID COHEN)
(photo credit: DAVID COHEN)

Last night, the Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto landed in Paris as part of a religious reinforcement campaign. Rabbi Pinto visited the French parliament and met with the first vice president. Rabbi Pinto recently delivered Torah lessons in New York, Miami, Antwerp, and Morocco.

The Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is currently running a special reinforcement campaign among the Jewish communities in Paris. The Admor Rabbi Pinto met with senior members of the French parliament, rabbis, and public figures; he also received an audience who came for advice and blessings, and delivered dozens of lessons in Torah.

This morning, the Admor Rabbi Pinto was given an honorable reception at the French building of parliament, where he met with the first vice president of parliament, Roger Karoutchi. The pair spoke for more than two hours about Jewish relations in France and Rabbi Pinto’s international activities for world Jewry. 

  (credit: DAVID COHEN) (credit: DAVID COHEN)

Karoutchi, who is considered one of the most senior and long-established politicians in France, heads a lobby that engages in French-Moroccan relations. His activities involve many topical matters relevant to Jews in Israel, Morocco, and France..

In a conversation with Rabbi Pinto, Karoutchi reviewed the actions of the parliament vis-à-vis the security of the Jews in France and its long-time activities to eliminate anti-Semitism in France.

Earlier, Rabbi Pinto visited the communities of Shuva Israel and emphasized the importance of spiritual development for the communities, that number hundreds of families. Rabbi Pinto imparted lessons of Torah and ethics, giving strength to all who work to increase the light of Torah and kindness.

Paris is one of the stops along Rabbi Pinto’s trip for his worldwide reinforcement campaign among the Shuva Israel communities. Last week, he delivered dozens of lessons in Torah and ethics in New York, Miami, Antwerp, Paris, and Morocco. He is expected to continue on to other countries.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel