Amazing percentage: How much do our genes control who we are?

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Do we have a choice to determine our actions or do the genes and DNA we received from our parents determine our fate? Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto brought a fascinating insight in his last lesson that sheds light on the hidden world of man.

Rabbi Pinto said, "Only one third of a person's abilities are affected by his genes. Another two thirds are in the hands of the person himself ― even a person who unfortunately has a genetic tendency to depression, sadness, and melancholy. These genes control only one third of a person's life, while the other two thirds are determined by his society and situation."

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"Even if by nature you are a depressed person, a nervous person, an argumentative person or a negative person ― that is only one third of you. The rest is up to you." Rabbi Pinto added, "If you put the holy Torah in your life and imbibe of its wisdom - then you can subdue every negative thing in your psyche. The Holy Torah has the power to overcome every bad thing in a person."

Later on, when he was in his home in Rabat, Rabbi Pinto added this afterthought: "There are many people with hats, suits and beards who study Torah - but they do not delve into it deeply and do not implement it in their lives. Every person has to study, implement, and think deeply about what he learned."

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