blood test 521
Groundbreaking blood test can detect cancer years before symptoms appear

Developed by a Sino-US startup, the groundbreaking new blood test is referred to as PanSeer.

Coronavirus genetic risk factor inherited from Neanderthals – new study

Almost 3,200 genetic profiles of hospitalized patients were analyzed, showing that those presenting the relevant DNA variant were 70% more likely to develop a severe form of the disease.

Israeli scholars reveal structure of 3.7 billion-year-old proteins

Proteins themselves are made of building blocks called amino acids, but in order to be produced, amino acids need proteins.

DNA analysis of Dead Sea Scrolls unveils their once secret origin

“We came up with the idea of using the genetic information of the skin they were written on to investigate the possible connection between different fragments."

DNA study supports Bible: Canaanites homogeneous group, lived in Israel

The study analyzed individuals who lived over the course of a significant period of time, over 1,500 years.

Syrians in Israel
Israel returns the remains of a refugee to Syria

The man is believed to have fled the Syrian Civil War and attempted to reach Europe.

Jerusalem Post reporter Ilanit Chernick takes an mtDNA test to find out the unique story of her mate
Discovering my maternal roots through a simple swab of saliva

The Jerusalem Post took a mitochondrial DNA test with Family Tree DNA and local start-up Igentify to trace back my maternal ancestry

New Technion micromachine to introduce DNA, drugs into specific cells

Electroporation is a technique seen in microbiology where an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the membrane's permeability, allowing drugs, DNA or chemicals to be introduced.

Israeli High Court hearing on whether Netanyahu can form next government despite indictment he faces
Court rules against Liberman, in favor of Jewishness DNA testing

In the majority decision, penned by Justice Neal Hendel, it was determined that the petition didn't present sufficient evidence proving that the rabbinate's actions were discriminatory.

Portrait of a female Denisovan teen
Hebrew U. researchers win award for profile of extinct archaic humans

“Denise,” the first reconstructed anatomical profile of a Denisovan human was revealed in September by researchers at the Jerusalem-based University.

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