Young girl asks police for DNA test to prove Santa is real -report

The girl sent parts of a cookie and a carrot to the police that she said were eaten by Santa for the DNA test.

Apply lacquer gel on your nails? You could be damaging your DNA - study

California researchers found that the use of these UV-emitting devices for just one 20-minute session caused the death of 20% to 30% of cells.

Old mice regain eyesight and develop younger brain in new study

The study also cites information theory of aging, which states that "a loss of epigenetic information is a reversible cause of aging." 

Israeli researchers develop new process for creating custom enzymes -study

Enzymes that are modified using this process, called the CADENZ Method, could have long-reaching impacts.

Israeli study maps out DNA markers in cells to speed up cancer diagnoses

A team of Israeli researchers has mapped the way in which DNA is labeled in all the cells of the human body.

A lost world: Scientists find 2 million-year-old oldest recorded DNA

The DNA found in Greenland is the oldest on record and revealed an ecosystem with an ancient open forest teeming with animals.


Medieval remains reveal diversity of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA - study

Genetic material from medieval Germany tells a greatly expanded origin story of Ashkenazi Jews.

More than 15,000 people missing in war in Ukraine, says official

The Russian war in Ukraine left over 15,000 people missing so far. Finding out what happened to them is a huge challenge.


45,000-year-old DNA reveals a hidden history of human adaptation- study

Human genomes have undergone drastic, hitherto unknown genetic changes in response to environmental pressures, according to a new study.

Immigration among Neolithic people caused Mesopotamia to be genetically diverse - study

Findings show that Çayönü was a genetically diverse population because it carried mixed ancestry from the west and east sides of the Fertile Crescent - caused by immigration.

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