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The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Scientists find 'environmental DNA' can be collected from air

"This technique could help us to better understand the transmission of airborne diseases such as Covid-19," Dr Clare, who authored the study, said.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Let there be life! Scientists create single-cell organism that reproduces

The implications of engineering synthetic cells and organisms are vast and promising. Scientists envision the production of customized cells that perform or behave in desired manners.

Anne Frank at her writing table in 1940; how many Anne Franks were lost in the Holocaust?

Watch: Anne Frank brought to life by one Reddit user and an Israeli app

A new app developed by the Israeli hi-tech company MyHeritage allows users to animate old family pictures using artificial intelligence features.

MyHeritage CEO: Our acquisition rewards our workers and helps us grow

The genealogy testing company was just acquired by US investment firm Francisco Partners for an estimated $600 million.


Israeli startup working to develop chickens resistant to bird flu

"As is well known, the coronavirus has also been transmitted from animals to humans, so the risk to public health is real."

Ofer forest

DNA helps police solve 16-year-old murder case in northern Israel

In 2005 police received a report of a young woman's body found near Ofer Forest in northern Israel.

Our Heritage - How DNA tests led to a Holocaust family discovering lost past

A story of lost family, desperate searches, trails that went cold and ultimate reunification.

Nashville bombing suspect may have believed in lizard people, aliens

Anthony Q. Warner's writings indicate he believed reptilians and lizard people controlled the earth and had altered human DNA.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Five key genes linked with the most severe form of COVID-19 - scientists

Researchers who studied the DNA of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units found that five genes were central to many severe cases.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Meet the Israeli scientist exploring ancient DNA

Through painstakingly extracting DNA from cave sediment and dating it, researchers can learn more than ever before about these ancient hominids.

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